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Conservation Education

A vast majority of the county's population is made up of relocated residents unfamiliar with the South Florida environment, making education a vital necessity. The District encourages and promotes conservation education throughout Palm Beach County:​

South Florida Fair
Fund Raiser

Conservation Outreach

The District staff and board participate in various outreach programs such as Ag in the Classroom, South Florida Fair school tours and planting a seed booth, water conservation presentations and annual food drive, just to mention a few. 

Poster Contest
Poster contest

Conservation Poster Contest

​Students in grades K – 5th are invited to participate in our local poster contest. The conservation-based theme encourages students to share their thoughts on soil, water and related natural resource issues. 

Winning students recieve up to $75 in cash, tickets to the South Florida Fair (held in January annually), ribbons and certificates.  

Judging is held in November annually.  For more information, please contact our office by email or phone.  


Regional Envirothon

The Envirothon is an environmental and natural resource conservation problem-solving, team building and leadership experience for high school students. Students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills and create inventive solutions to the complex local and global environmental and natural resource issues facing our world today. Teams are tested in five natural resource categories: Aquatics, Soils, Forestry, Wildlife and a Current Environmental Issue. The first place Regional team advances to the State competition. The first place State team competes at the National level.


For more information check out the national website at or contact our office. 

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