BMP Implementation and Cost Share Program


The District partnered with the National Association of Conservation Districts to introduce and implement wise use of land, water conservation, water quality and related conservation resources through the implementation of the USDA Farm Bill programs. The District's Engineer and staff work closely with NRCS to develop, plan, design and draft irrigation systems and water control structures for the growers, free of charge.  Through the Farm Bill program, cost share is available to to assist with the cost of implementation.  For more information on the USDA Farm Bill cost-share programs, please contact our office or visit 

PBC Ag Reserve


The District works in the Ag Reserve on lands purchased by the County with funds from the March 1999 Conservation Lands Bond. Land is leased for agricultural production and the District works with the grower to customize a three-year Best Management Practices (BMP) plan. The District monitors the farms and nurseries monthly to assurance that acceptable agricultural practices are conducted in the form of verified implementation of BMPs and reports to the County with detailed information and photos.

Nursery Overhead Efficiency Project

South Florida Water Management District partnered with the District through their cooperative funding program.  The Nursery Overhead Efficiency project, which started in October 2016, is a 50/50 share between both agencies.  It assists nursery growers in Palm Beach County to replace over 4000 irrigation heads with a more efficient mini wobbler head.  The program has taken off and is highly popular throughout the nursery community.  The estimated water saving for this project is 22.7 million gallons per year.  

Agriculture Mobile Irrigation Lab


As part of the ongoing effort to improve water quality standards and ensure water conservation in the Everglades Protection Area, the District and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services joined together to provide nursery growers a FREE evaluation of their irrigation system. For more information and to schedule an evaluation, Nursery growers can contact David at 561-792-2727 x 3.

In accordance with Federal law, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, the District is prohibited from discriminating in its programs and services on the basis of religion, age, race, color, national origin, gender or disability.

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