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Urban Mobile Irrigation Lab
With an exploding population and limited water supply it is essential that we save now , for future generations, and preserve our fragile ecosystem.  It's more economical to save now rather than search for alternative sources later, as we face the possibilities of rising prices and greater restrictions.
We tailor our services to fit YOUR needs

The District works with local municipalities, homeowner associations and businesses to provide comprehensive irrigation evaluations and water conservation presentations. This service is fee based.  Please contact our office for more information. 

What is an Irrigation Evaluation?

The evaluation begins with on-site observations and measurements of the system. The information collected is analyzed to identify potential problems with the system design, operation and maintenance.  By measuring the system uniformity, flow rates, pressure and evaluating the soil conditions, we can work with you to solve common problems.  


What are the Benefits?

Floridian's are facing greater restrictions, new regulations, and increasing costs of water usage every year.  We can help Municipalities, Homeowner Associations and Businesses to irrigate more efficiently by increasing uniformity and minimizing over-watering.  THIS SAVES YOU MONEY!


When water is not applied uniformly, some plants receive too much water and some too little.  Applying too much water can leach valuable fertilizers and pesticides past the roots.  In addition, Florida's sandy soils permit water and dissolved chemicals to seep quickly, and unfiltered, into the underground aquifers that contain most of our fresh water. ​

Other Services

Aerial photograph from Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Aerials


Aerial photographs of Palm Beach County dating back to 1953 are avaiable for in office review.  We also have 1995, 1984, 1970 and 1964.  Please contact our office for more information.  

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